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Hi there folks. It is Paul here. By reading this page it means you’ve scrolled all the way down to the bottom of my website. Congratulations on making to the depths of the rabbit hole.

As an entrepreneur, author and just plain ol’ human being I resolutely believe that transparency is important if you want to build personal relationships and strong communities. You, as a member of my online home, are part of that community.

When I find a product or service that has personally made my life better, I’ll share it on, or through my social media accounts. These links are called affiliate or referral links. Sometimes the companies that I mention will give me a commission for referring customers to them. As a business owner myself, I strongly believe in helping outstanding companies garner the attention they deserve.

My Golden Rules for promoting affiliate or referral links:

  1. The product or service must be something I’ve personally tried, and liked.
  2. The company behind the product or service must treat my community members well. I will only bring attention to companies that consistently take care of my people.
  3. If I hear a lot of negative reports about an affiliate program which I’ve featured, I will step in and encourage the company to take ownership of the customer issues. If the business fails to address the concerns of my community, I will sever my relationship with them and start working with their competitors.
  4. If I find a high-quality product or service that happens to be free (of which I obviously get zero referral dollars), I’ll feature that alongside the paid version(s) for comparison and let you, the reader, decide which is the best choice based upon your unique needs.
  5. At least 10% of my annual income (including income generated by referral links) is donated to charity. One of my most influential mentors once taught me that…

    If you give, you’ll always have enough. If you don’t give, you’ll never have enough.
    – William Carnazzo

That’s about it. The vast majority of my community members who have purchased from my promoted companies have been very happy with their products and services. That being said, if you ever run into a really bad experience with a business that I shared, please reach out to me via the Contact page and let me know what happened. I take Golden Rule #3 very seriously, and I can’t know if there’s a problem if you don’t tell me about it.

Lastly, I just want to thank each and every one of you who make purchases through my affiliate links. This website is my full-time passion and a home that I consider an honor to have you in as my welcome friend. It wouldn’t be possible without your continued support, a lesson that humbles me each time I think about it.

Thank you.